Costume Rental and Retail

We have a huge variety of costumes available to rent and to purchase. If we don’t have the costume that you are looking for, we can make it for you.
There are many customer photos on our Facebook page.
For bookings and orders please email us on


Have a look at our collection of retail costumes in our online shop.

If you can’t find what you are looking for, we can source the costume for you or manufacture it.


Rental prices

These prices are a guideline. We will only be able to give you a precise price as soon as your whole costume is put together in the shop:
Adult full costumes  
Rental cost from: R120 to R180
Refundable deposit: R100
Children full costumes  
Rental cost from: R60 to R150
Refundable deposit: R100
Rental cost from: R390.00
Refundable deposit: R390.00

Rental period

•    Costumes rentals are for a period of 7 days from the day of collection
•    Mascot rentals are for a period of 3 days from the day of collection.
•    School concerts: We can be flexible on pick-up and return dates. Please speak to sales     staff to arrange this.
•    Any late returns are subject to extra rental fees, per day after the return date.
•    Customers can book the costumes two weeks in advance. The costumes can be booked in advance by paying the full amount of the rental and deposit at the time of the reservation.

Deposits and refunds

•    Hire and refundable deposit fees are charged and the hire fee depends on the type of costume that you choose.
•    Deposit is not refundable on cancelled bookings.
•    Once rented items have left the shop, they cannot be exchanged or returned for a refund.

Please make sure that you are happy with your selection and the size of the costumes before renting the items.

General information

•    Driving license or photo ID is required for ALL rentals.
•    Customers don’t need to wash the costumes because we send the costumes to the dry cleaners after each rental.
•    All costumes must return in the same condition as they were taken. Any damage (tears, burn holes, bad stains) and missing items will be charged for at the full value of the garment.
•    No guarantees on size if the item is not tried on.